Treatment of back pain

Treatment of back pain in just a week – innovative protocol at Solmed Polyclinic

At least once in our lives, all of us have had a backache. Although it’s generally not a serious illness, pain can be long-term, annoying, and seriously impair quality of life. Numerous painkillers and myorelaxants can help with treatment, but it is most important to take such medicines regularly for a certain period of time, and not only when the pain becomes unbearable! Why is that the case? Namely, sudden pain causes spasm (cramps) of the muscles around the spine. Such “crowned” muscles additionally attract the vertebrae to each other and thus press the very nerve exiting the spine, which is exactly what causes the pain. In a sprained muscle, lactic acid is increased which causes inflammation in the muscle itself and further worsens the spasm. Thus, the patient is in a vicious circle of long-term back pain.

The most important item in treatment are painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicine that should be used constantly for a certain period, and not just when the pain worsens. The drugs will then relax the muscles from which the lactic acid will disappear, and thus inflammation. As a result, the nerve exiting the spine will finally be free and the pain will be gone for a long time.

At Solmed Polyclinic we have a unique protocol that uses two painkillers available on the market. What makes this protocol special are the instructions, constant supervision, and monitoring of the patient through a specially designed application. Each patient gets a smartphone for use within a week. An application on the phone tells the patient when to take the medicine, and the patient gives feedback and fills out a questionnaire about pain intensity. A week is generally enough for the muscles to relax and the inflammation to decrease, so that most patients no longer have pain after the completed protocol.

And for the end, you wonder how much this treatment costs? Treatment is completely free because the funding is provided by a major international project. We solve pain quickly and free using a simple treatment. Feel free to contact us!

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