You want to have your work published in an esteemed journal indexed in Current Contents database? Contact us with confidence – our team takes over the whole process of paper production and leaves nothing to chance. We can conduct biostatistics for You, write a paper and submit it for publication in a scientific journal. Any subsequent adjustments after the review process, as well as submitting papers to other journals if needed, are also included in the initial price.


Conducting of biostatistics involves sophisticated statistical methods such as multivariate analysis, analysis of variance for repeated measurements, the linear fixed effect model, and regression equations to produce various scoring systems. The service also includes the preparation of your database for statistical processing, which includes logarithmic transformation of data and derivation of categorical variables from continuous ones. In addition, all graphs and images are also included in the price. Given our extensive experience in publishing papers, we know what the editors of top journals expect, and therefore our statistical processing is clearly focused. Prices are tailored to each individual project, please contact us for more information.

Writing and publishing a scientific paper

We take over the whole process of paper writing as if it was our own, and leave nothing to chance. Each project is arranged so that our work is over when you see Your name and the title of Your work on PubMed. So, the whole process from writing a paper, proofreading, initial corrections according to the suggestions of the author, finding the right journal, correcting the manuscript after the review process, preparing and submitting the paper to an alternative journal is done by our team. Our professional associates are doctors and scientists who are native English speakers and professional proofreaders, and they are jointly in charge of the proofreading process. Prices are tailored to each individual project, please contact us for more information.

Sample size and statistical power calculation

A precondition for starting any scientific research is the accurate calculation of the sample size. Our calculation is based on the results of previously published research and your suggestions. If you already completed the research, we can calculate the statistical power of the analyzed sample, which is required when publishing any respectable paper. Price of sample size calculation is 2000 kn (VAT included), and statistical power calculation is 1000 kn (VAT included).

Design and report of research protocols to regulatory authorities

We can assist you with the preparatory actions before you begin the reasearch itself. Together, we can design a research protocol, prepare documentation for research submission to local and central ethics committees, and register research in the international clinical trial registries such as or EudraCT.