There are new drugs for a number of diseases which have passed all the required clinical trial phases, but are still not placed on the Croatian Health Insurance Fund list. These new therapies can be imported into Croatia and applied at the Solmed Clinic. Various forms of immunotherapy for patients with malignancies are one example. The aforementioned service includes physical examination of a specialist physician, assessment of the indication for the specific type of therapy, the application of the therapy itself, monitoring of the patient and management of possible side effects. In this case, the patient covers the costs of treatment. The cost of the service is determined individually and depends on the cost of the drug and the complexity of the treatment process. Find out more about the application of innovative therapy in oncology.

Due to prolongation of life expectancy and unhealthy lifestyles, incidence of malignant diseases is continuously rising. According to the latest official data (2018), there were approximately 18 million newly diagnosed cancer patients worldwide. It should also be noted that malignant diseases are the second leading cause of death in developed countries, immediately after cardiovascular diseases.

However, significant progress has been made in the treatment of malignancies over time, in particular with the introduction of new therapies such as targeted therapy (so-called smart drugs) and immunotherapy. These types of treatments have, in relation to chemotherapy, not only brought more successful treatment but also a better quality of life with fewer side effects.

Unfortunately, treatment results in patients with malignant diseases in Croatia are not satisfactory; indeed, Croatia is one of the countries with the lowest survival rates for patients with various types of cancer. One of the very obvious reasons why we are lagging behind the rich countries of Western Europe or the USA is the unavailability of modern and effective treatments. Treatment according to the standards and guidelines of North American and European oncology societies is often not possible in Croatia.

At the Solmed Clinic, we believe that every cancer patient should receive the best possible care and the most effective therapy, regardless of the administrative obstacles. We want to offer you the opportunity to discuss your wishes with us about the treatment and its goals, in order to determine the therapy according to the most stringent North American and Western European standards.

We offer you complete information about your illness, detailed treatment plan, psychological support during and after therapy, precise work on eliminating possible side effects and all symptoms of the disease, application of state-of-the-art methods of official medicine that are often not available in the public health system. To ensure the best results, we solely use immunotherapy and targeted therapy (smart drugs) in the treatment of cancer patients at the Solmed Clinic. Your oncologist is present with you personally throughout the treatment and will answer all your questions. Apart from active treatment, there is significant emphasis on supportive and symptomatic therapy from the very beginning of treatment, thus providing a holistic approach to treating cancer. We also take care of any necessary diagnostics during treatment.

Offer us your trust and start treating cancer in a new, better way!