Multiple sclerosis

Relapsing-remitting or secondary progressive multiple sclerosis that is clinically or radiologically active

Therapy: The investigational drug is a highly selective reversible inhibitor of Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (BTK). It has been approved for the treatment of mantle cell lymphoma and has also shown efficacy in treating B-cell-derived hematological malignancies in patients who have previously received older BTK inhibitors.

Why participate in the study:

  • Better tolerability is expected for the innovative therapy due to its specific mechanism of action.
  • Regular brain MRIs will be performed on patients to monitor the effectiveness of the therapy.
  • Opportunity for treatment with the innovative therapy, which is expected to have better tolerability than other BTK inhibitors, due to its specific mechanism of action.
  • Continuous monitoring by top neurologist physicians and an experienced study team.
  • The innovative therapy is free of charge and administered orally in tablet form.

From what date can you participate? September 2023.


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