Inclusion active since January 2021

IgA nephropathy is a disease in which IgA immune complexes are deposited in the glomeruli of the kidneys, where blood is filtered and urine is produced. Due to the damage to these membranes, not only water but also proteins and blood pass from the blood into the urine. impaired renal function and increased creatinine in the blood. Accurate diagnosis is made exclusively by kidney biopsy. After special staining of kidney tissue taken by biopsy, IgA complexes can be observed under a microscope. The disease is treated with systemic glucocorticoids and ACE inhibitors, which reduce complex deposition and reduce excretion The success of this therapy is not always guaranteed and therefore there is a need for new drugs. honey is one of the international centers testing the effectiveness of a new drug from the group of ACE inhibitors, which in previous trials has proven to be more effective than currently available ACE inhibitors.

Which patients may be potential candidates to participate in the trial?

  • Women and men over the age of 18.
  • Diagnosed with IgA nephropathy by kidney biopsy.
  • Patients who have findings of renal function and protein concentrations in urine.
  • They are willing to use contraception for the duration of the trial.