You have almost certainly had Lumboishialgia at least once in your life. Back pain can be mild, but it can also be so intense that you can’t get out of bed. In the initial stage of pain, the main method of treatment is painkillers (analgesics). Only if the pain does not stop with rest and analgesics, additional diagnostic processing (magnetic resonance imaging) is continued to determine the cause of pain, ie to establish the existence of rupture and herniation of the intervertebral disc with consequent pressure on the nerve. Thus, the key to first-line treatment is effective analgesics that reduce tissue inflammation and relax muscles. The Solmed Polyclinic is one of the international centers participating in a clinical trial comparing the effectiveness of two analgesics, both of which are available on the market. Patients will receive one of two analgesics for 7 days, and the intensity of pain will be monitored via a mobile application

Potential candidates for participation in the study are persons aged 18-65 years with sudden back pain.

All patients will receive the right analgesic, without waiting, without a prescription and the need to go to the pharmacy. The patients are entitled to a free laboratory blood test and detailed monitoring of the effect of therapy.