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Our team of doctors is responsible for establishing a network through which patients can receive innovative therapy in our Center with monitoring by top doctors. We offer a platform for doctors and pharmacists that allows them to participate in clinical trials, adapted to their needs and capabilities.

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Frequently asked questions

The process of conducting the study depends on each individual study, and is carried out by a study team consisting of doctors, nurses, and other health professionals as needed. Their task is checking the health of the subjects before starting the study and monitoring them over time, giving specific instructions for the duration of the study, and staying in touch with the patient even after the study is completed.

Ethical and legal health care regulations apply to clinical studies as well. In addition, specific regulations reagrding for clinical studies apply, in order to ensure that the safety of subjects included in the study is not compromised. As stated in the question about the study protocol, the study is conducted according to a well-defined detailed plan. Over time, study team reports research findings at scientific conferences, in medical journals, and to various government agencies. The identity of participants is always kept secret and there is no mention of the patient’s name or any other characteristic by which he/she can be identified.


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