Career as a clinical trial monitor or a study coordinator has many challenges, but it also offers many benefits, such as relatively high salaries, flexible working hours, and the ability to work from home. These professions are always in demand, but formal education is lacking and it is thus difficult to get adequate experience.

The Solmed Group offers a unique opportunity for comprehensive training or re-training for clinical trial monitors and study coordinators. Previous experience or formal education in biomedicine and natural sciences is desirable for prospective applicants, but is not required! This unique education program consists of 240 hours of work at the Solmed Clinic and the Solmed Research under the watchful eye of a medical director, senior observer (CRA), study coordinator and study technician / nurse. The participant is involved in all segments of the clinical trial process. This includes day-to-day experience in working with study patients, management and reporting of adverse events, management of study documentation, coordination of all team members, as well as process of follow up visits by trial sponsors and / or other regulatory agencies. In addition, ten hours of lectures and a final exam are included in the education program. The goal of this program is to educate fully competent study coordinators and clinical trial monitors.