O nama

Clinical Research Center

Our team of study monitors, coordinators and technicians represents the operational platform for conducting clinical trials. It serves the investigator physician completely so that he/she can direct his/her time to patients and their needs. This intensive collaboration makes the Solmedic Clinic a large clinical research center, capable of conducting even phase 2 clinical trials completely.

Collaborative institutions

The Solmed Clinic cooperates with six university hospitals, nine general hospitals and one private hospital.

The Solmed Group‘s main mission is to enable the use of innovative therapy for patients treated in smaller hospitals which are rarely included in clinical trials. Our team of doctors is responsible for establishing a network through which patients can receive innovative therapy in our Centre with monitoring by top doctors.

Study investigator doctors

We guarantee for the excellence of our physician investigators. Two-thirds of our associate doctors have a PhD in the field of medical sciences and have a great reputation in Croatia and abroad. All have extensive experience in conducting clinical trials. In addition to their role as prinicipal study investigators, they are also important in assessing the feasibility of new clinical trials and establishing a patient referral network.

The Solmed Clinic is designed and equipped with the aim of achieving the optimal process of conducting clinical trials:

  • Patient examination office
  • Waiting room with HD Multimedia TV
  • Office for study monitor, coordinator and technician
  • Room for processing biological samples
  • Storage room for study drugs and biological samples with continuous temperature measurement
  • Storage space for study documentation
  • Medical equipment for emergency patient management
  • Autoclave machine
  • Ambient centrifuge device for biological samples
  • Medical refrigerator and freezer that supports temperatures from -20 °C to -80 °C
  • Continuous temperature monitoring of the refrigerator and freezer with alarm system
  • Ongoing security monitoring
  • Electricity generator
  • External access to the following tests and procedures: CT, MRI, x-ray, ultrasound, endoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, fibroscan, CT-guided biopsy, histopathological diagnostics, possibility of hospitalization of patient in an university hospital